Breed of the week. The Hasky

It is an amazing sled dog, bred in the conditions of the Far North. The Husky - the living embodiment of the dog's mind, intelligence, loyalty and love for man.

Read article February 1, 2021

Вся правда о курице

В этот раз мы хотим поделиться с вами интересными статьями, в которых речь идет о распространённых заблуждениях о вреде куриного мяса в кормах для домашних животных.

Read article January 20, 2021

Breed of the week. The Pug

Dogs with a flat face and a sad expressive look were bred in China. The Imperial dog is still called the pug. After all, before these four-legged Pets were available only to noble families.

Read article December 22, 2020

What is the difference between pet food?

Ready-made pet food is divided into 4 categories: economy, premium, super-premium, and holistic. How do they differ, in addition to the price? The main difference is in what raw materials are used in the production of feed, as well as the percentage of useful substances.

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​Vitamins in cat food

Ready-made pet food is balanced in composition - this is known, perhaps, by all owners. As well as the fact that the feed contains the necessary vitamins. But what are they for? Let's figure it out together

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Cat and milk

Is it possible to give cow's or goat's milk to cat? This issue still causes heated disputes between owners of Pets and veterinarians.

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Cats and obesity

Fat cat: Is it a happiness, or the problem?
Many owners are touched and even proud of the fact that their pet weighs 10-15 kg or more . In realty, excessive fat deposition - is a dangerous pathology. It should not be treated lightly, since the excess of normal body weight can lead to serious health problems.

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5 dangerous products for cats

Many owners treat their favorite Pets by food from their table. They record videos how cat eats ice cream or avocado. They share on forums stories about the taste preferences of Pets. But often such treats are dangerous for the health of animals! Let's talk about the most harmful products for cats.

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