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A history that dates back to the vikings

Aller Petfood is a Danish, family-owned company managed by the 4th generation of the Bylling family. The Byllings have been committed to developing and producing animal nutrition since 1921.

The image to the left shows Henriette Bylling together with her father, Povl Bylling.

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Our history

The history of Aller Petfood begins at Aller Mølle, an ancient mill located in Aller, Denmark. The mill has a history that can be traced back to the days of the vikings.

Early history

Before 1769 Aller Mølle was owned by the Danish king who leased it to various millers. This was followed by a succession of owners until 1864. As a result of the Second Schleswig War, the border was relocated north of the parish of Aller. Now situated in German territory, Aller Mølle was cut off from many of its former customers.

In 1902 the current miller, Ferdinand Tams, sold Aller Mølle to a company owned by  Danish farmers. It was a move that was not popular with the German authorities. The mill underwent modernisation and it was sold to new owners in 1910.

The Byllings at Aller Mølle

The first Bylling at Aller Mølle, miller Frederik Bylling, was employed in 1910 to take care of the mill and the mill farm. Ane Kristine Lind had been employed two years earlier as a bookkeeper and housekeeper. Frederik fell in love with Ane Kirstine, and they married in 1912.

In 1911 the mill underwent refurbishment to modern standards following a big fire. The following year in 1912, Frederik Bylling rented Aller Mølle. He purchased it in 1921.

Subsequent generations at Aller Mølle

Frederik’s son, Hans Jørgen Bylling worked with various feed companies before returning to work alongside his father in 1938. Hans Jørgen took over Aller Mølle in 1954 as the second generation of the family in charge of the mill. A forward-looking man, Hans Jørgen developed the mill in accordance with the changing requirements of his customers. He was a pioneer in the production of pelletised pig feed when it was introduced to the market in the 1950s.

Hans Jørgen and his wife Misse lived and worked at the mill throughout their lives. They had four children; Povl, Birgitte, Kirsten and Hans Erik. Povl and Hans Erik both became involved in the family business and the third generation of Byllings at Aller Mølle was a reality.

The name “Aller Petfood”

The name “Aller Petfood” originates from the small village of Aller in the southern part of Jutland, Denmark. The name is based on the old milling tradition of naming the mill after its location. The name reminds us how proud we are of our roots.

Today – the fourth generation

Povl and his wife Dorothe had two children, Frederik and Henriette. They were brought up in the idyllic village of Aller. Today they are the fourth generation of Aller Petfood. Henriette as CEO and Frederik as operationally involved in the Danish division.

“As a family company we put our face to everything we do. We prioritise long-term relations and are proud to have customers who go back as long as 35 years.”

aller petfood frederik bylling
Frederik Bylling, Owner

Divisions ensure focus

The Byllings have always embraced innovation and vision. In 1968 the business expanded to serve the fish-farming sector. In 1979 the family diversified into the pet food production.

In 2007, as a result of unprecedented growth, the Aller Mølle Group was divided into two divisions: Agriculture, fish farming and petfood. The fish-farming division was run by Hans Erik Bylling under the name “Aller Aqua Group”. Aller Petfood and Aller Mølle was run under “Aller Mølle Group”.

By 2009 the Aller Mølle Group had developed into two distinctive business units: The Petfood side (managed by Henriette Bylling) and the Aller Mølle (managed by Povl and Frederik Bylling).

Embracing the future with confidence

In 2009 it became evident that changes in the Danish agricultural market had resulted in a dramatic shift in demand for feed milling. As a result, the Byllings made the difficult decision to sell Aller Mølle and the feed milling activities. Focus was now solely on Aller Petfood.

Today, Aller Petfood Group is the market leader on private label pet food in Russia while the brands are undergoing expansive development.


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