Danish quality pet food that gives you value for money

TASTY Petfood is a complete diet carefully developed and priced at a level to fit the budget of all animal lovers who want to give their pet a healthy, happy and long life. TASTY Petfood gives you the opportunity to provide your pet with a healthy diet at a low cost.

The range is based on the latest pet nutrition research as well as the international standards pertaining to the content of nutrients (FEDIAF – The European governing body for pet food).

If you serve your pet a nutritious meal of e.g. tasty chicken and he will love it. Simply because it tastes good. Our customers prefer TASTY because it is price and a complete food satisfying the basic minerals and vitamin needs of your pet.

Presenting the TASTY Petfood range

Where can I buy TASTY Dog Food & TASTY Cat Food?

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TASTY Petfood

Do you want learn more about our economy product, TASTY Petfood? You will get a complete diet for your dog or cat. – Because even if the price is lower, we have of course not compromised on the quality.

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