Breed of the week. The Pug

Dogs with a flat face and a sad expressive look were bred in China. The Imperial dog is still called the pug. After all, before these four-legged Pets were available only to noble families.

December 22, 2020

The weight of an adult dog is from 7 to 11K g, life expectancy is 12-16 years. A great option for an urban pet. Do not require long walks. They adapt to the rhythm of the owner’s life.

Aggressive behavior is not typical for pugs. These companion dogs are friendly with everyone: family members, strangers, and other animals. Even the voice they give is extremely rare-mostly when someone comes to the door of an apartment or house.

Pugs tend to be obese, so they need a balanced diet. And the health of this artificially bred breed often has problems: allergies, paresis, breathing difficulties, joint diseases, cardiovascular diseases.
Despite the fact that pugs are short – haired dogs, you will collect wool from them all year round around the house. The pug snores and snores almost around the clock – because of the structure of the skull. All inconveniences are fully compensated by the fact that pugs are funny and cute animals. A true soul of the family and a source of positive emotions!

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