Petstory: Alma, the small dog with the huge and loving heart

We want to create a culture, where we share our pet stories with each other to inspire and focus on what an amazing family member a pet is. With this series of articles, we want to give your pet a voice and give you the opportunity to tell your pet story. We really hope you want to join, and please feel free to contact us if you want to tell your story and give your pet a voice!

In this article the Danish dog mom Karin tells about her amazing pomeranian Alma. Alma is a psychiatric service dog and has a unique personality, which means she has a very special place in Karins heart.

Read article May 22, 2019

Claim or gain?

Indulging in product claims and the health claims attached is easy - especially when the claim says you are doing something good for your dog’s body. However, can you always be sure there is a gain to the claim?
And if so, how much of the product is needed for your pet to obtain this gain? In this article our CEO Henriette Bylling, aka The Queen of Petfood, shares her insights to the subject.

Read article April 3, 2019


As dog parents we all want what is best for our dog and give him a freedom that equals ours. But, is this always a good idea? And can our best intentions actually end up “hurting” the future for our dogs’ freedom? Read our CEO, aka The Queen of Petfood, Henriette Byllings experience and take on the subject in this article.

Read article March 8, 2019
by-products in pet food

Double standards for by-products

In this article our CEO, Henriette Bylling, discusses the double standards of by-products in pet food - how come by-products is acceptable as a pet snack, but not in whole pet food?

Read article November 15, 2018

Introducing the Aller Petfoodies

It is no secret that we think our colleagues are some of the best in the business - and that is why we want to introduce you to them! In this new series we do a close up on the Aller Petfood team in all the different departments and countries, with different occupations.

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With a grain of salt?

Is ancient grain better than "regular" grain? And where does it fit in the no-grain vs. grain in pet food debate? In this interesting article Marcel Blok discusses just that and why the no-grain trend is so prominent.

Read article October 9, 2018

The controversy of raw

We talk a lot about the grain vs. grain-free debate, however the raw-debate is just as important and ongoing topic. In this aricle Dr. George Collings focuses on just that, debating whether or not there is enough research attached to the raw food claims. He challenges the pet food industry to do the research and have it peer reviewed.

Read article September 13, 2018

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