Why you should become an Aller Petfood distribution partner

Enterting into a distribution partnership is serious commitment. Allow us to tell you just how important we take it.

If we combine your strong local distribution and marketing knowledge and skills with our many years of experience with pet food production and pet food marketing, we believe that we have the building blocks to create a strong and successful team. We do not believe it to be realistic to apply generic sales and marketing strategies to all markets. Therefore, we aim to reach the perfect combination of giving you access to our online brand tool box; “Distributor Service”. It’s a web-based platform with marketing materials, product information, promotion ideas and much more. Essential is that you have opportunity to find all you need here and then adapt it to your market needs.

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What you can expect as an Aller Petfood brand distributor

High-quality and trusted brands

Did you know that Aller Petfood was the world’s first proactive and responsible pet food manufacturer to be certified to ISO 22000? The ISO 22000 certification is your guarantee that our management system has been measured up against best practice within human food safety and that we fully comply. ISO 22000 is an international standard, which keeps the organisation’s control of food safety in focus. ISO 22000 is commonly used within the human food sector.

Effective and performance-optimising support

As a distributor of the REAL Petfood, ALL and TASTY Petfood brands you can expect professional, effective marketing materials to enhance your sales. When and if you need it. You can rest assured that our highly skilled professionals will support you and your staff with great enthusiasm and loyalty whenever you need it. Customised to your market. And you can always rely on our commitment to highly accurate deliveries.

24/7 Support

Distributor service is our online platform to which you can log in at any time it suits you.

Our distributor service enables you to pick and mix the material that is most relevant to your market and swiftly adapt it to your language. At the same we ensure that the branding of the Aller Petfood product range remain strong and uniform.

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The Aller Petfood Brand Catalogue

As a distributor of the REAL Petfood, ALL and TASTY Petfood brands you can expect professional, effective marketing materials to enhance your sales. Our brand catalogue is developed for our distribution partners with the purpose of providing an overview of brand, marketing and product materials and details.

Download the Aller Petfood brand catalogue here

Explore your opportunities

Do you want to start the dialogue about becoming a distributor of one or more of our brands? Please  fill in this form and we will contact you very soon. We look forward to getting to know you.

Please note that requests about our Private Label products go directly to our Russian division as we only distribute in and to Russia and CIS.

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Who can become a distributor?

We expect that our partners demand commitment from us as we do from our partners.

Our distributors’ full commitment to our brands is paramount.  We do not wish to be represented by distributors, who have numerous other competing pet food brands in their portfolio.

Both established distributors as well as entrepreneurs are welcomed as distributors. In either case 100% commitment to the brands and the introduction of them in the area is required.

Our brands

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Tasty Petfood

TASTY Petfood is carefully developed and priced at a level that fits the budget of lower-income animal lovers.

Tell me more about Tasty

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Private Label

Interested in learning more about our private label products developed for Russia, CIS and Kasakhstan.

More about Private Label
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