TASTY Dog Food: A carefully developed diet for your dog

TASTY Dog Food is dry pet food carefully developed and priced to fit all dog owners who want to give their pet the best nutrition possible. Tasty Dog Food comes in two flavours: Chicken or lamb. It is a complete food which satires the basic needs of the dog with regards to minerals and vitamins.

The development of TASTY Dog Food is based on the latest pet nutrition research as well as the international standards pertaining to the content of nutrients (FEDIAF).

Ingredients & composition

You can choose between two variants:

  • TASTY Dog Food with chicken contains high quality ingredients: Whole-wheat, processed animal protein (poultry, chicken 4%, lamb), wheat bran, animal fat, sodium chloride. Energy ME/1000 g: 14280 kJ / 3410 kcal
  • TASTY Dog Food with lamb is no exception and contains high quality ingredients: Whole-wheat, processed animal protein (poultry, lamb 4%, chicken), wheat bran, animal fat, sodium chloride. Energy ME/1000 g: 14280 kJ / 3410 kcal

These ingredients are all of benefit to your dog’s health. Like all other Aller Petfood products, TASTY Dog Food is produced from non-GMO raw materials and contains no artificial flavours and colourings.

Below you will find an overview of the components and their nutritional benefits.

Content Per kg Benefits for your dog
TASTY Dog Food Chicken
Crude protein 22% Muscles, growth and maintenance
Crude fat 9% Energy, fur and skin
Crude fibre 3% Intestines and digestion
Crude ash 8.5% Muscles, teeth and bones
TASTY Dog Food Lamb
Crude protein 21.5% Muscles, growth and maintenance
Crude fat 8.5% Energy, fur and skin
Crude fibre 3.5% Intestines and digestion
Crude ash 9% Muscles, teeth and bones
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Feeding guideline

The quantities are only intended as a guide and should be adjusted to suit the dog’s size, age and activity levels.
When changing pet food brand we recommend to do so gradually over a period of 3 to 8 days.
The product can be given as a dry food, or it can be mixed with warm water (max 40°C). Pregnant bitches or nursing bitches tend to have an increased appetite.

Remember your dog should have fresh drinking water available at all times.

Weight of dog (kg) Daily food requirement (g)
0-5 30-95
5-10 95-180
10-15 180-240
15-20 240-300
20-30 300-400
30-40 400-500
40-50 500-600
50-60 600-680

Bag sizes

TASTY Dog Food Chicken and TASTY Dog Food Lamb is available in 15 kg and 2 kg packaging.

Quality assurance

We are focused on providing you with the best value for money in terms of nutrition and taste when you buy TASTY for your dog. We only add the best quality of meat to our products, and TASTY is no exception.

We follow the trade association’s recommendations to the letter for how we should declare our pet food. The production of our products is done in accordance with our ISO 22000 system. Our quality experts ensure that our animal food is produced according to the same quality standards used in the production of food for humans.

Where can I buy TASTY Dog Food?

You can find our distributors all over the world and they are ready to help you. Please fill in the form as requested and you will be contacted by the distributor responsible for your market.

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