Cats and obesity

Fat cat: Is it a happiness, or the problem?
Many owners are touched and even proud of the fact that their pet weighs 10-15 kg or more . In realty, excessive fat deposition - is a dangerous pathology. It should not be treated lightly, since the excess of normal body weight can lead to serious health problems.

December 22, 2020

What is the risk of obesity in cats:

– Joint diseases-arthrosis and arthritis. The animal is sick to move, which reduces its activity.
– Fatty hepatosis – obesity of the liver. Suffer from barrier and digestive liver function.
– Diabetes. As a result of the disease, the exchange of substances is disrupted. A cat can go blind or even die.
– Cardiovascular diseases. The level of cholesterol in obesity increases, and plaques form on the walls of blood vessels. Blood flow is disrupted. The most dangerous consequence is the formation of blood clots, stroke, heart attack.
– Due to obesity in cats, the quality of their skin and coat may deteriorate.
Main problems: tangles, dandruff, acne, alopecia (baldness).

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