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It is not enough to successfully design appealing packaging, if you fail in e.g. logistics or cooperation. Succeeding in the private label market requires you to succeed at every stage of the process. Let us work together and make sure that you achieve this.

We believe in local production to local markets. That is why you do not have to worry about importing to Russia if you work together with us. We are already in the Russian market with our two factories that produce wet and dry food for cats and dogs.

Below you can see what to expect in the different stages of the cooperation process.

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The Market

You can expect to be kept updated on all the latest trends in the pet food market and to receive competent advice regarding claims and all other relevant aspects. If you want the big picture – the short-term view and the long-term view – you will not be disappointed. For example: How can you exploit the convenience tendency or the humanisation trend currently affecting the pet food business?

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We take the cooperation with you as our partner seriously. We see knowledge sharing and sparring as essential together with great personal involvement. We forge team spirit and continuity and treat all information with confidence. Expect full loyalty and easy access to our sales contact.

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Product Development

Let us think out of the box together. Let us develop new recipes and outstanding products by combining all your expertise with our experience and in-depth knowledge of ingredients and nutrition. We perform the testing of the technical specifications, the pets will verify the palatability, and the owners will judge the brand appeal. Your recipe is subjected to continuous optimisation and improvement according to your wishes. Together we never stop paying attention to the general development and possibilities in the market.

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Packaging Range

Be guided through every step when it comes to packaging: creative ideas, qualities, possibilities, suppliers, tests, prices, financing, etc. As an Aller Petfood customer you will notice that we conduct continuous monitoring, forecast your needs, purchase and storage of your packaging. Our experience, knowledge and enthusiasm are at your disposal – after all, we manufacture some of the most popular brands in the market.

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Our highly professional team takes care of the entire production process. You can expect unsurpassed experience and expertise. Every step, from the testing of the delivered raw materials at our production site until your nicely packaged finished products leave the factory, is taken by highly skilled professionals.

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Product Range

Ask us for any kind of dry or wet pet food for cats and dogs. We offer an entire range of product qualities from economy to superpremium and most product features. Our production equipment can handle a wide range of packaging sizes and variety.

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Whichever you prefer: on demand, buffer-stock, mixed pallets, distribution at any destination, etc.: We deliver the logistic set-up that you require. Expect total commitment, deliveries as agreed and accurate export documents without fuss.

Pet food from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok

The launch time of your local label is minimised by our existing and well-functioning processes. Fine-tuned logistics coordinate the fulfilment of orders from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok, Russia as well as in CIS countries. Years of supply experience enable us to work with any volume of orders at short notice.

At short notice

Fine-tuned logistics enables you to fulfil orders and realise the business potential in all CIS countries. Your products can be packaged at our modern facilities, which master both primary and secondary packages. Modern warehouses store the necessary stock of products to ensure continuous supplies. The business potential knows no borders.

Production sites

Your production will be in safe hands at our two modern and ISO 22000-certified plants where we produce wet food (St Petersburg) and dry food (Tver). Our ISO 22000 certification is recognised by major retail chains.

Local sourcing and handpicked ingredients

In St Petersburg and Tver, our skilled nutritionists carefully handpick the best ingredients using local sourcing whenever possible and conduct a variety of ongoing controls. Your dry food recipes can be customised to fit any specific quality standards, budgets or special demands. You will be handed all valuable nutritional data for your pet food products. Or you can choose an existing Aller Petfood recipe for your convenience. Whichever you choose, you will be issued with the nutritional data for your pet food products.

Our quality process is strict and non-negotiable. If ingredients or suppliers do not live up to our quality demands, they are excluded.

Let us explore

If you want to explore the opportunities of our cooperation, please fill in this form. We will be in contact very soon and we look forward to getting to know you.

Please note that requests about our Private Label products go directly to our Russian division as we only distribute in and to Russia and CIS.

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We would love to hear your ideas for your private label product. And we can make it happen.

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We have high expectations to our partners. And you can expect even more from us.

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