The transformation of the treatment of pets as family members could not but affect the largest segment of this market — feed, which accounts for almost 90% of sales in the pet care industry.

May 28, 2021

The humanization of pets is a key trend in the pet products market. It was born after a change in attitude to pets – they began to be perceived as family members. Thus, the demand for goods and products for pets that meet the taste of owners and the desire for a healthy lifestyle was born.

The trend of humanization has also spread to the pet food market. Many owners are looking for pet food that reflects their own taste. The interest in healthy, maximum natural nutrition has led to the growth of premium products. “Natural”, “raw” and “organic” diets are created, which gives owners a great choice.

The popularity of specialized feeds-focused on reducing the risk of diseases and specific health benefits-is also growing. These include food for the prevention of obesity, urolithiasis, hypoallergenic diets, and so on. Premium, maximum natural, healthy and functional foods are becoming increasingly popular as owners seem to be increasingly focused on their pet’s diet.