Breed of the week. The LaPerm

The Laperm is a long-haired rex breed of cats, the main distinguishing feature of which is the presence of a"curly fur coat".

May 28, 2021

Country of Origin: USA

Life span: 14-18 years

Weight: 2-6. 5 kg

The name of the breed characterizes the main difference between this breed and other cats.

“LaPerm” consists of two parts: the French article “la” and the English word “perm” – perm. And indeed, the wavy curly hair of these cats resembles a chemical (permanent) perm which is used by beautiful ladies.

The breed is quite young – the first kitten of LaPerm appeared on an American farm in Ohio in 1982. The owners found an unusual pet, but did not attach any importance to this fact, considering it an accident. However, over the next 10 years, curly cats continued to reproduce independently, and the owner decided to start breeding laperms. She succeeded: the “curly gene” was dominant and was passed on to the kittens from both the mother and the father.

LaPerms are short-haired and long-haired. In purebred representatives of the breed, the coat looks a little sloppy – as if the cat was wet in the rain and still not dry enough. Since the first kitten appeared on the farm, it left its mark on the way of life of the pets. Hunting instinct, active games and a lot of movement – what is simply necessary for laperms. Their character is a dream of children and people who love gentle and affectionate pets.

Laperms love tactile contact: they sit on the owner’s lap with pleasure, climb on his neck, rub against his neck and cheek.