Breed of the week. The Hasky

It is an amazing sled dog, bred in the conditions of the Far North. The Husky - the living embodiment of the dog's mind, intelligence, loyalty and love for man.

February 1, 2021

The Husky is a collective name for a group of Northern sled breeds.

The homeland of the Husky is the Far North. The indigenous people needed an assistant who could travel long distances and transport people and goods from seasonal hunting sites to campsites. To do this, aboriginal dogs were crossed with wolves.

The Husky group includes:

  • Siberian; Alaskan;
  • Sakhalin;
  • Japanese (Akita-inu);
  • Kli-Kai (mini-husky).

They have common qualities: endurance, loyalty, intelligence, intelligence, ability to navigate the terrain well. They differ in their exterior, character and habitat.

The Siberian Husky is the most popular breed. It is these huskies that we most often see in pictures and photos.

A medium-sized animal.

Height at the withers – from 52 to 60 cm.

The body weight is 21-28 kg.

Eyes are blue or brown.

Siberian Huskies are characterized by a friendly, friendly disposition. They are not prone to aggression and cannot be guard dogs. Children have a special tenderness. They love outdoor games and are always ready to cuddle. Huskies make excellent nannies: they will never harm the child and will take care of his safety. After all, earlier in the North, these dogs performed another function – to warm infants.

Husky-physically strong, cheerful breed, which is suitable for active people. Such dogs should be harnessed to a sled in winter, and taken on a bike ride in summer. This is necessary for the physical and psychological health of the animal. Huskies are not suitable for an apartment, as they need constant movement. It is recommended to keep dogs in a house with a spacious yard and a high fence. The breed easily tolerates frosts, so it is suitable for keeping in an aviary, which is equipped with a booth and a insulated floor.

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