Breed of the week. The German Spitz

The German Spitz is a cheerful and affectionate breed of dog with a fox face.

February 1, 2021

 The original appearance and playful character are the reason for their huge popularity.

A luxurious “fur coat”, collar and tail, pointed ears and a “smile” give the pomeranian an elegant and playful look.

There are 5 types of German Spitz: large Spitz (42-50 cm), medium (30-40 cm), small (22-29 cm), Wolfspitz (43-55 cm), miniature / Pomeranian (18-22 cm).

In addition to the size, the physical characteristics are almost the same for all species.

The ancestor of the spitz is considered a peat dog. German archaeologists claim that dog bones found during excavations of Swiss lakes (around 4500 BC) are similar to the bones of modern Spitz.

The owners of spitz were many celebrities, including the sculptor Michelangelo, the composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the Queen of France Marie Antoinette, the Emperor Napoleon. German Spitz dogs are easy to train. Dogs have developed intelligence, are able to quickly learn new commands. However, during training, the dog can not be shouted at, and even more so physically punished. Representatives of this breed are distinguished by a subtle psyche and high timidity: they can withdraw into themselves and stop making contact. The Spitz has a keen ear and, despite its small size, is an excellent watchman. This is a mobile, energetic, fun and loyal breed. Spitz adores the owner and literally follows him like a shadow. He treats children well, is ready to support them in all games and fun. It gets along well with other pets. And how does your dog relate to other pets? Share your stories in the comments!