We all have a responsibility

We take our responsibility very seriously.  That is why we have developed a streamlined process. Our CSR efforts are built on 3 pillars:


“To us corporate social responsibility means that we act with honesty and sincerity. That we care about environmental protection in all that we do. That we do not tolerate corruption and bribery. And that we aim to ensure that every employee is genuinely proud to be a part of Aller Petfood.”

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Henriette Bylling, CEO & Owner
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Some of the key issues that we focus on are:

  • Safe production of quality products without losing sight of the environmental protection
  • Reduced consumption of electricity and gas alongside an overall increase in production
  • Economical use of nonrenewable resources.
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Our employees are our most valuable asset. That is why we have implemented a programme which ensures continuous training and competence development for all. The programme e.g. includes education support.

We have actually documented this through a Collective Agreement signed by management and the employees agreeing on the rights and responsibilities ensuring the creation of safe and comfortable working conditions. This document also addresses right of workers which we, as a Danish company, see as central and non-negotiable.

Right of workers also includes our obligation to ensure a decent standard of living for our employees.

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We care about the society of which we are a part. Among other things, we have actively implemented programmes to promote labour rights and labour protection. We participate in social activities and support to local community activities. We support education with the purpose of developing the local community.

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If you want to learn more about our CSR-efforts, please contact our HR Manager Elena Krizenkova by e-mail: krizenkovaE@aller-petfood.ru. She will be happy to elaborate.

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