Prodexpo 2017

Prodexpo 2017

We were glad to attend Prodexpo 2017 - read more in this article.

February 17, 2017

From new leads to new distribution partners – Prodexpo 2017

The Russian brand team is thrilled to have been part of Prodexpo, the largest Russian and Eastern European international exhibition in the food sector. The exhibition is held with the assistance of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation and the Government of Moscow under the patronage of the Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation. Both the national chains with 6-8000 shops and local super market chain with between 2 and 100 shops visited the exhibition with great interest. Hence It provides a unique opportunity to both catch up with current partners and meet new potential partners.

We welcome a visit from a representative of a smaller chain just as much as we value a visit from a representative from a larger chain.

1 month has passed since the team spend 5 intensive days at the exhibition, but they all agree that it was worth the efforts. Brand Manager, Alexander Rodinov states: “We have gained many new leads and have used the resent weeks to be in contact with them all to discuss the potential for a cooperation.” Several contracts with new distribution partners have already been signed and there are several more to come. It is sometimes hard to judge whether it was worth your while to participate in an exhibition, but in this case we can already now start to see the payback.

Whether you are working with the same set-up as the Russian brand team or you work directly with retailers in both the specialist trade and the grocery channel, it is of great importance to be visible in the market.


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