Russian sanctions leads to award winning pet food company

Russian sanctions leads to prestigious award for Danish pet food company

Aller Petfood - winner of the contest "Business, developing region-2016" in "Import substitution".

February 17, 2017

Many companies around the world feel pressured and have suffered financially from the Russian sanctions, while national Russian producers in areas such as meat production have been severely strengthened and the need for import significantly decreased. For many years Aller Petfood Group has successfully been going through a similar localization process in the sourcing of their raw materials. CEO and owner Henriette Bylling states, “It is a difficult but healthy transition for companies and the country alike”.

Since the introduction of the sanctions the Danish Petfood company Aller Petfood Group has not only been thriving, but also winning awards based on their position in the Russian marked.

In December 2016 the Russian division of Aller Petfood Group received the prestigious Leningrad Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry award in the area of “Import Substitution”, due to their outstanding work in aiding Russia’s independence of import. After the sanctions were established and the ruble suffered severe devaluation, many international brands were forced to leave the Russian market.

Henriette Bylling says, “It is an honor to receive this award, we are proud to be able to offer both Russian and international companies the opportunity of European standard petfood, produced in Russia, without the import and currency risks. We have a very strong local team, who are able to help us navigate through the ups and downs of the market”.

Aller Petfood Group, a 96 year old family owned Danish company, established their Russian division in 2004 and are now the market leader in private label petfood with a market share of approx. 60%. The Russian division is now amongst the top 50 companies in the Leningrad region (St Petersburg).


The Award was presented by President of the Association “Leningrad Regional Chamber of Commerce” – Yury Vasil’ev (left) and Governor of Leningrad region – Alexander Drozdenko.
Supply Chain Manager of LLC Aller Petfood- Roman Kovalchuk received this award (right).

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