Breed of the week. The Alaskan snow cat

The Alaskan snow cat is a fairly new and not very common breed of cat.

February 1, 2021

Bred artificially in the 90s of the XX century: breeders decided to create a fundamentally new breed of cats with a powerful skeleton, thick and warm fur, a round muzzle and small size.

In the process of working on a new species, already known breeds of cats were crossed. According to some sources, they were silver Persians and Somali cats. According to other sources – Siamese and Burmese cats. The new breed is not yet widespread enough in the world. Only a few dozen breeders are engaged in breeding, mainly in the United States of America.

Animals of this breed easily tolerate low temperatures, which is facilitated by a thick coat with a good undercoat. Some individuals have a distinctive feature-a fur “collar” on the neck. The psychology of Alaskan snow cats is not fully understood, so it is not necessary to get a snow cat for couples with children.

Such pets do not like to stay at home alone. Active, mobile and independent animals require a lot of free space in the apartment to realize all their physical needs: jumping, running, climbing to heights, climbing on vertical surfaces.

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