Breead of the week. The Samoyed dog

The Samoyed Husky is a gentle, friendly dog with a good character.

February 1, 2021

The Samoyed dog is a white and fluffy pet with an excellent character.

Other names of the breed: Samoyed, Samoyed laika, or Arctic Spitz.

This is a harmoniously built animal of medium size.

Height at the withers from 50 to 60 cm.

Weight, on average, – 20-30 kg.

The main distinguishing feature is a magnificent thick white coat with a soft almost downy undercoat and a stiffer guard hair.

The country of origin of Samoyeds is the north of Russia, the time of origin of the breed is more than 3 thousand years ago.

Human intervention in the selection of these animals was practically absent, which is why dogs are characterized by good health, including resistance to various allergens. To maintain the vitality of the Samoyed needs to be increased physical activity. People who prefer a measured lifestyle, such a pet is not suitable – however, as well as those who are rarely at home. Samoyeds are well trained. They are pack animals. Therefore, taking a puppy, you must immediately let him know who is in charge in the house. The puppy will be better to give in to education, recognizing your authority as a leader.

Samoyeds are ideal companions. They are friendly, sociable, playful and quick-witted. Such pets get along well with young children, although they can show their feelings with excessive pressure. After all, the energy of these dogs just beats the key! Riding is one of the favorite activities of the Arctic Spitz. He enjoys and tirelessly rides children on sleds and tubing.

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