With a grain of salt?

Is ancient grain better than "regular" grain? And where does it fit in the no-grain vs. grain in pet food debate? In this interesting article Marcel Blok discusses just that and why the no-grain trend is so prominent.

Read article October 9, 2018

The controversy of raw

We talk a lot about the grain vs. grain-free debate, however the raw-debate is just as important and ongoing topic. In this aricle Dr. George Collings focuses on just that, debating whether or not there is enough research attached to the raw food claims. He challenges the pet food industry to do the research and have it peer reviewed.

Read article September 13, 2018
grain-free versus grains

Why grain-free pet food isn’t better and carbs are good

During the past year, there has been much focus on grain-free pet food. Grain-based pet food has in some cases been presented as “pure evil”. But is it really a matter of “either or”? Or is there still room for both grain-based and grain-free products in the world of pet food? Check out Ryan Yamka’s thoughts on the topic.

Read article May 25, 2018
For the love of dog - humanization of pets

For the love of dog

From canine ice-creams to pet cams, the humanization of pets continues to develop. Alexandra Suich has written this entertaining piece on the booming pet industry.

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