5-star gourmet food for cats and dogs

The Real Petfood range is a complete luxury pet food that provides a balanced diet for cats and dogs. It contains many different nutritional building blocks and provides broad health insurance for the pet corresponding to the human mantra to eat a varied diet.

Real for dogs is pet food developed to fit the individual dog’s need and thus, Real comes in five variants:  Maintenance, Performance, Sensitive, Senior and Puppy.

Real for cats is developed to fit the cat’s nutritional needs which will vary depending on where the cat spends its time. Real comes in five variants:  Indoor, Indoor with chicken, Outdoor, Outdoor with chicken and Kitten.

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Quality & composition

Real is super premium quality food for cats and dogs. It’s a complete diet for all cats and dogs of all breeds, sizes, ages and levels of activity. It is produced from the finest ingredients with a high biological value. Protein sources like egg, fish, and together with fat/oil from fish, chicken and plants provide the nutritional foundation for this super premium range.

Other benefits when choosing Real Petfood for your pet:

  • Developed in close collaboration with veterinarians and leading breeders
  • Helps to provide an overall good health
  • Natural vitamins and minerals
  • Pellet shape helps to reduce plaque and tartar
  • Consistent energy level throughout the day

Packaging & marketing

The bag is a high-quality metalized SOS (block-bottom) bag, resealable with zipper. The bag can stand or lie down. Logo is printed on all sides for easy recognitions. Up to two bag sizes depending on the variant.

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