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REAL Dog Food, Performance is based on the same nutritionally-balanced foundation as REAL Dog Food, Maintenance but provides additional energy for an extraordinary activity level. It contains high quality ingredients such as meat, fish, oil, fat, whole grain, vegetables, vitamins and minerals. REAL Dog Food, Performance is produced from non-genetically modified raw materials and contains no unnecessary or artificial additives.

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Protein contribution

The above graph provides you with an overview of the protein types we include on REAL Dog Food. The scale shows that we only include ingredients that have a high biological value together with a high value of amino acids/proteins.

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The easier the whole grain is digested, the quicker the dog produces energy from the food. But his hunger also return sooner because the intestines are emptied quicker. To maintain a consistent level of energy, a combination of various carbohydrate ratings is necessary. That is why REAL Dog Food contains both whole wheat, whole barley and whole maize.

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Dietary Fibre

There are two types of fibres: Soluble and insoluble. They differ significantly in their ability to bind water in the digestive system. The intestines are kept healthy through regular movements, a stable bacteria flora and normal defecation. It is important that the food contains a balance of both soluble and insoluble fibres.

The soluble fibre are divided into two groups: Beta-glucan and pectin. Pectin is found mainly in roots and citrus, while beta-glucan is found in corn products.

Insoluble fibres are divided into three groups: Cellulose, hemicelluloses and lignin. Unlike soluble fibre, insoluble fibre increases food passage speed in the intestinal tract due to increased mechanical impact on the intestinal wall and a greater density in the colon.

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Benefits for your dog:

Muscles: Crude protein, crude ash, sodium and iron
Fur and skin: Crude fat, Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, biotin, iron, Omega-3 and Omega-6
Teeth and bones: Crude ash, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, Vitamin D3, Vitamin B1 and copper
Nerves: Magnesium, Vitamin B2, niacin and manganese
Liver: Vitamin B12 and choline chloride

Composition and analytical components

REAL Dog Food, Performance contains good and fresh ingredients: Processed and hydrolyzed animal protein (poultry/chicken), whole wheat, whole barley, whole maize, animal fat (poultry, chicken), fish meal (salmon), linseed, beet pulp (dried fibers), egg products (dried whole egg), salmon oil (cold pressed), vegetable oil and fat (rapeseed oil refined), whey powder, brewer’s yeast, crude lecithins and EU approved antioxidants and preservatives.

Energy ME/100 g: 1656 KJ/396 kcal

We understand that you want your dog to be at his absolut best when you e.g. are hunting, doing agility or engaging in other types of competitive activities. That is why you can be sure that every ingredient in REAL Dog Food, Performance is chosen carefully based on its nutritional benefits for your dog – with a stern focus on boosting the energy level.

Our standards are extremely high and our quality experts work closely together with nutritional experts to make sure that our product is the best product possible.

In the table below you can find all information about exactly how the ingredients, additives and vitamins benefit your dog.

Content Per 100 g Benefits for your dog
Crude protein 24% Muscles, growth and maintenance
Crude fat 18% Energy, fur and skin
Crude fibre 3% Intestines and digestion
Crude ash 7% Muscles, teeth and bones
Moisture 7% Aids rehydration
Calcium 1.4% Teeth and bones
Phosphorus 0.9% Teeth, bones and energy
Potassium 0.55% Muscles and fluid balance
Magnesium 0.15% The nervous system, teeth, bones and energy
Sodium 0.3% Muscles and fluid balance
Omega-3, fatty acid 1.3 g Fur
Omega-6, fatty acid 2.6 g Fur
Trace elements
Iron 15 mg Skin, fur and muscles
Copper 1 mg Teeth and bones
Manganese 1 mg The nervous system, teeth, bones and energy
Zinc 19.44 mg Healing of scabs
Iodine 0.574 mg Energy
Selenium 0.016 mg Cell protection
Vitamin A 1500 IU Eyesight, growth and skin
Vitamin D3 150 IU Bones, teeth and growth
Vitamin E 25 mg Cell protection
Vitamin B1 0.25 mg Fur, skin, bones, intestines, cells, nerves and reproduction
Vitamin B2 1 mg Fur, skin, bones, intestines, cells, nerves and reproduction
Vitamin B6 0.2 mg Fur, skin, bones, intestines, cells, nerves and reproduction
Vitamin B12 0.01 mg Liver
Vitamin B3 4 mg Combustion of proteins and carbohydrates
D-panthothenic acid 3 mg Combustion of proteins and carbohydrates
Folic acid 0.04 mg DNA
Niacin 2.15 mg The nervous system
Biotin 0.003 mg Skin and fur
Choline chloride 120 mg Liver
Vitamin C 5.28 mg Cell protection
L-lysine 100 mg Positive effect on the immune system
Antioxidants & preservatives
EU approved antioxidants & preservatives Freshness and nutritional level of the food throughout its lifetime
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Feeding guideline

The quantities are only intended as a guide. You should always adjust the amount of food to suit your dog’s size, age and activity level. The product can be given as a dry food, or it can be mixed with warm water (max 40°C).
When changing pet food brand we recommend to do so gradually over a period of 3 to 8 days.

Remember your dog should have fresh drinking water available at all times.

How to feed your high-performing dog

We recommend that you have fed your dog REAL Dog Food, Maintenance before you start feeding him REAL Dog Food, Performance. Moving from REAL Dog Food, Maintenance to REAL Dog Food, Performance should be an easy process, and we recommend feeding REAL Dog Food, Performance a few days prior to the activity for optimal outcome.

Weight of dog (kg) Daily food requirement (g)
0-10 50-175
10-20 175-325
20-30 325-475
30-40 475-600
40-50 600-725
50-60 725-800
60-70 800-850
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Where can I buy REAL Dog Food, Performance?

You can find our distributors all over the world and they are ready to help you. Please fill in the form as requested and you will be contacted by the distributor responsible for your market.

Thank you for getting in touch!

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