A complete gourmet food and a balanced diet

The REAL Petfood range is a complete gourmet pet food that provides a balanced diet for cats and dogs. It contains many different nutritional building blocks and provides broad health insurance for the pet corresponding to the human mantra to eat a varied diet.

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This is why you want to go with REAL Petfood

  • REAL Petfood is developed in close collaboration with veterinarians and leading breeders.
  • REAL Petfood helps to provide an overall good health.
  • REAL Petfood is packed with natural vitamins and minerals.
  • REAL Petfood is made in a pellet shape that helps to reduce plaque and tartar.
  • REAL Petfood provides a consistent energy level throughout the day.

REAL Dog Food

REAL Dog Food is pet food developed to fit the individual dog’s needs. REAL Dog Food comes in five types:  MaintenancePerformanceSensitiveSenior and Puppy.

REAL Cat Food

REAL Cat Food is developed to fit the cat’s nutritional needs which will vary depending on where your cat spends its time. REAL Cat Food comes in three types:  Indoor, Outdoor and Kitten.

Presenting the REAL Petfood range

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REAL Dog Food

We have carefully developed our Danish five-star gourmet dinner for your dog together with the best nutritional experts. With five types: Maintenance, Performance, Sensitive, Senior and Puppy, you can be sure to choose a diet that fits YOUR dog’s needs.

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Real Cat Food

Outdoor cats, indoor cats, kittens, nursing females… with REAL Cat Food you know that every tasty mouthful does them the world of good. REAL Cat Food comes in five different types enabling you to choose the food that is optimal for your cat’s well-being.

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Passionate about pet food

We have always been of the opinion that animals should have the same opportunity of a “happy” life like us humans. That is why we, since 1921 and for four generations, have been passionate about producing high-quality food for animals. Despite having grown out of the idyllic water mill our business once was, we still maintain the same ethos and love for animals. In that sense, our mindset has not changed since my grand mother always fed all the cats from the village at the back door of the house at the old mill, alongside pampering the family’s own dogs and cats.

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It is all about your pet’s well-being

Over many years, our family has built a business where the animal’s health and well-being is central to everything we do. It’s why we only produce pet food of the highest standards, aimed at promoting optimum health and well-being. In other words, as far as we’re concerned, nothing but the best will do.

We hope your pet will enjoy the REAL Cat & Dog Food experience.

Henriette Bylling, Fourth generation ‘petfoodie’

Where can I buy REAL Petfood?

You can find our distributors all over the world and they are ready to help you. Please fill in the form as requested, and you will be contacted by the distributor responsible for your market.

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